Ready To Transform Your Coaching Skills?

Unlimited ZOOM Group Classes for $150 a Month!

This Immersive Coaching Program is for you if you want to:

  • ​Build a training model that allows you to adapt to clients with chronic pain, autoimmune disease, sleep disorders...etc ​​​
  • ​Successfully work with clients who have spent years of their life in pain and scared to exercise
  • ​Stop frustrating clients with your detailed coaching 
  • ​Develop coaching skills that produce instantaneous results, so even if you're still awkward with your words, clients still buy in. 
  • ​Join a group of like minded fitness and rehab professionals who dedicate a large amount of energy, time, and money on getting better for their clients. 
  • ​Prioritize yourself and your own movement practice. Learn how to be the best coach for your clients while situationally improving the way you move and feel! Coaches and clinicians are not immune to struggling with their own body. They can also have pain and fears around movement and exercise. This is the place where you get to put yourself first!

Hangout with me Every week

After mentoring coaches of many varying skill levels, I’ve discovered two things: (a) coaches NEED coaching to learn the skill, and (b) I like coaching other coaches.

I created an online environment where professionals get to immerse themselves in a coaching model that they get to learn by going through experiencing coaching on a weekly basis. 

They get to FEEL what it's like to progress through moves, cues, and exercises as weeks/months go by. 

The same experience they'll take their clients through. 

It's a Progressive Approach That Makes Coaching People Effortless

Join the #lazycoachlife & make your time on the training floor enjoyable! 

Start Getting better at Coaching by NEXT Week! 

Unlimited online classes each week and Q&A at the end of each ZOOM session. 

Monthly Membership
Cancel at any time :) 

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